Saturday, December 7, 2013

5 Weirdest Things that Ever Happened to me on Public Transportation

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Photograph of a Marta Train. Photo by Josh Hellett.
Since I take public transportation whenever possible, I see all sorts of weird, interesting things. The top five weird things that ever happened to me on public transportation this year:

1. Man walks up to me randomly, and asks me if I have a "nervous problem." I tell him that "I don't think I do." He insists I am wrong, then asks "are you pregnant? You must be pregnant." I stare at my phone and say nothing. He turns to his reflection, and speaks for it for the rest of the ride.

2.  Five different men asking me why my boyfriend "allowed you to leave" and travel cross-country. I guess I forgot to ask for permission, but this can of military-grade pepper spray should keep me warm at night.

3. A very thin 30-something woman in a tight snakeskin skirt and bantu knots in her hair stands in line with me. I board the bus, and she starts to snarl, snort, and growl behind my back.

4. A drunk homeless senior citizen insisting that I was trying to pick him up, then yelling at me to talk to him. No reply came from me. Another girl answered instead: "She don't want to talk to you!" He asks her for money.

5. A guy getting off the bus, and insisting on walking me home. I stop a long way before my house, and pretend another house is my house. He grabs my hand and kisses it forcefully. I pry away and he informs me that he is a gentleman. I had not not realized.

Credits: Top photo is a Creative Commons photograph by Josh Hallett. Small photograph below it is mine.

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